Batteries for Home and Office


Batteries for Home and Office

Most homes, offices and factories these days have products that are crucial to the running of the business or the home.

From Smoke Alarms to Calculators, Remote Controls to Power Tools and Torches, when a battery runs low on any one of our everyday items we automatically go into a panic if we don’t have a replacement battery; which just goes to show how much we rely on this technology and it always happens at the most inconvenient time.

The best solution would be to have back up batteries, so call us at Battery Base and we can put a package of batteries together for you for that unexpected time in the future.

Battery Security


Complete Range of

NBN, Home Alarm Back Up &

Rechargeable Security Camera Batteries.

12volt 7Amp Hour Batteries From $39.95

You know, thinking ahead could save a life. Always have a back up supply for that emergency – imagine if your Smoke Alarm didn’t work in a fire? Or the Baby Monitor battery needed replacing and you didn’t have spares?

None of us likes to think of these issues that could arise, but we must not only think about them, but must act upon them and plan ahead. Such a simple exercise as purchasing a battery or speaking to your professional at Battery Base could stop a disaster or save a life.

Remote Control Batteries

Have you ever tried to open your car or garage door and the battery has gone flat in it? It probably showed signs over the previous weeks but you didn’t have time to replace it and didn’t know when it would not work?

At the most inopportune times, like when it’s raining, when it’s dark, or when you are carrying the kids and groceries and need ease of access.

Again, its just a matter of thinking ahead and either calling us or coming in to our store.

Watch and Clock Batteries

Nothing’s worse than being late or sleeping in when your battery for your watch or clock expires, call us now and we’ll have the battery you need for your time piece and we’ll have you on time again.

Batteries for Toys


Toy Ride-On Car Batteries from $19.95.


How often have the kids pinched the batteries from the remote controls so they can power up their favourite toy?, Don’t be caught out again! Purchase spare batteries for that Toy Emergency and keep the kids happy!

Batteries for Home and Office

No matter what battery types you are after, a simple call to Battery Base and our friendly professional Sales Staff will give you the best and sound advice, it’s as simple as that.

For more information or for friendly professional advice call us on (02) 4626 4500 or email us on