Deep Cycle Batteries



2018 XMAS &









As always we are offering some very

special prices on Deep Cycle Batteries.

Firstly, the  

Solite 105Ah Maintenance Free

Deep Cycle Battery

with a 2 Year Warranty.

Just $199.00 (while stocks last)

Plus AMP-TECH 105 & 120 Amp Hour 

Deep Cycle Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM)

batteries with a Supercharge Batteries 

1 Year Nationwide Warranty for

Just $349.00 & $389.00.

Along with Deep Cycle Flooded

Maintenance Free

85 & 110 Amp Hour for

$209.00 $249.00.

Both with a 2 Year Warranty.

At Battery Base we have access to and can supply a complete range of Deep Cycle batteries for all your needs.

For Mobility Scooters, Caravans, Campers, Golf Buggies and Carts and just about any application that requires a Deep Cycle Battery.

We can supply all sizes from 5 amp hour up to 200 amp hour in flooded or wet cell batteries AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) and Gel.

Unlike some of the other battery stores who can only supply batteries from a handful of manufacturers Battery Base has access to all of the major manufacturers.

Battery Base’s manufacturers include Marshall, Exide, SSB, AC Delco, Fullriver, US & Federal, Interstate, Supreme, Trojan, Century, and Remco, plus many more.

Your Battery Base expert can also help you choose the best type of Battery Charger or Battery Charging System for your battery; selecting the best battery charger means you can ensure your battery is fully charged and always ready for use.

So, if you are after expert advice on your Deep Cycle battery requirements, please feel free to phone us or to just call in and have a chat to one of our highly trained battery experts.


For more information or for friendly professional advice call us on (02) 4626 4500 or email us on