Schumacher Chargers – SPI10

• Battery charger and maintainer
• For 12V batteries up to 200 Ah
• Microprocessor controlled & multi-stage charging
• Protection against: Reverse polarity, spark proof and thermal runaway
• AGM, Standard, gel, calcium, Stop/Start
• Charging status LED
• Protective bumpers & hook attachment
• Fully automatic and safety shut-off

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Schumacher Chargers – SPI

Patented speed charge technology ensures that the battery is charged as fast and safely as possible – up to 3 times faster than traditional chargers.

Designed to charge most types of lead-acid batteries (AGM, Gel, Calcium/Wet, Start & Stop) and Lithium batteries (only SPI 3).
The range features a digital display with scrolling multilingual instructions (except SPI1 & SPI2) insulated clamps and eyelet accessories (except SPI15 and SPI1224V), a hook attachment and protection bumpers.


The SPI battery chargers are energy efficient and meet the highest industry standards featuring multi-stage charging for added precision and safety.

• From 6 to 24V
• From 1 to 15 Amp
• Reverse polarity protection
• Thermal runaway protection and automatic shut-off
• Will charge batteries with voltage as low as 0.5V (vs 4V for competitors)
• Ventilated housing compensates for the extra heat
• Float-mode monitoring ensures that the battery is kept fully charged which will extend battery lifespan
• Hanging hook
• Protective bumpers

Additional information

Voltage (DC)


Nominal AC Voltage

230V AC – 50 Hz

Max. Charging Current


IP Rating


Battery Type

AGM, Standard, gel, calcium, Stop/Start

Output Cable (cm) (From enclosure to clamp end)


Working Temperature

-20° to +50° C

Net Weight


Dimensions (L x W x H / mm)

238 x 205 x 80


24-Month Warranty


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