SSB Truck and Tractor Gold Series

• Die Cast Grid Technology
• High-Performance and Maintenance-Free
• Longer Service Life
• Extra Vibration Resistant
• Glass Matt Separators
• Marine Grade Extra Thick Plates
• 2 Years Commercial Warranty – Australia’s longest warranty on truck batteries

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SSB Truck and Tractor Gold Series

The Most Powerful and Reliable Truck Batteries in Australia

“Sick of truck and tractor batteries that don’t last? SSB Truck and Tractor batteries are fast becoming the First Choice battery for truckers, freight companies, farmers, mining companies, bus companies and government departments across Australia.”

In recent years, Super Start Batteries identified a problem regarding the service life of truck, tractor and bus batteries available in Australia. Many truck batteries supplied by our competitors last on average 1½ years or less and are causing increased downtime and unnecessary service/maintenance cost for freight companies, farmers, bus companies, mining companies and government departments.

Many factors shorten the life of truck batteries, including modern manufacturing methods such as expanded grid or hybrid technology. These modern manufacturing techniques save manufacturing costs by producing batteries with good specifications but significantly reduced battery life when used in commercial vehicles.

To solve this problem, Super Start Batteries developed SSB Truck and Tractor series that are designed with Extra Thick Marine Grade Plates and Glass Matt Envelope. Using our unique state-of-the-art fluid displacement technology, these batteries are vibration resistant. The technology also stops the separation of fluid from the plates and prevents the batteries from overheating. The significant decrease in loss of fluid increases their cycle and service life.

Featuring Die-Cast Grid Technology, the plates are formed and cast in a mould that creates a solid, sturdier frame around each plate, protecting all weaker inner components. This manufacturing process results in better conductivity of current, lower internal resistance, longevity, and overall improved battery performance.

Unlike most competitors, the SSB Truck and Tractor series does not use cheaper manufacturing techniques such as expanded grid technology to achieve similar CCA and RC specifications which result in reduced service life. We are one of Australia’s only battery companies that use Die-Cast Grid Technology to make our truck batteries the most durable truck batteries in Australia.

Using our SSB Truck and Tractor batteries, you’ll experience an overall reduction in downtime costs, replacement costs and service costs–all this because our truck batteries last at least twice as long compared to any other truck batteries available in Australia. This is fully backed by our industry-leading 2 Year Commercial Warranty.

SSB Truck and Tractor Batteries are designed in Australia by Australians for use in Australia. SSB is 100% Australian-owned and operated.

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